The medical condition known as gout can be extremely painful but thanks to cherry juice, the uric acid that crystallizes in the joints and causes agonizing pain, especially in the toes, can now be alleviated. Find out how drinking cherry juice can help with gout issues and clear excess uric acid from your body in a shorter period of time.


Strange as it may sound, the cherry fruit has been found to help lower the risk of gout, a condition that has been linked to fructose and sugar which cherries contain in considerable amounts. The sugar factor is small, however, you need only consume a small amount to obtain the health benefit.

Cherry Juice for Gout Issues

Cherries have been shown to alleviate the pain that typically accompanies gout. This is because cherry contains anti-inflammatory properties such as bioflavonoids and anthocyanins which are both absorbed by the body after consuming the fruit in raw form.

Both are antioxidants that protect the cells from damage by free radicals. Anthocyanis help lower risks for fatal diseases such as cancer while bioflavonoids help the kidneys function properly.

Gout occurs when uric acid crystals build up in your tissues and joints and the metabolic processes which control the amount of these crystals fail to function optimally.

The swelling and stiffness of your joints are due to the excessive amount of uric acid in your joints and tissues. The pain that accompanies this condition is due to your body’s inflammatory response to the build up of crystals.

If you experience gout, you should be aware of the connection between uric acid and fructose. When you drink a single six ounce serving of soda daily, your gout condition increases by 74%, as compared to when you drink it on rare occasions. The fructose in the beverage generates the uric acid within just a few minutes after ingestion. (This can also happen if you drink excessive amounts of orange juice).

While fructose is a natural sugar, it is metabolized differently from another natural sugar like glucose and generates uric acid, the high levels of which are a factor that causes not only gout but other conditions such as obesity, kidney disease, diabetes, hypertension, and insulin resistance as well. Uric acid levels, in fact, are now used as markers for fructose toxicity.

Make no mistake about it; gout is a form of arthritis and a gout attack will produce redness, swelling, and pain in the affected joints. That’s why If you want pain relief from gout, you should seriously consider using cherry juice as part of treating your condition.

Drinking homemade cherry juice can help lower the levels of your uric acid. Lowering uric acid levels is now considered best medical practice for those with gout who have chronic kidney disease, tophi, and two or more attacks in one year.


It’s Scientifically Proven

Rheumatologist Naomi Schlesinger, M.D. has studied the possible effects of drinking cherry juice on gout attacks and in one study of 18 subjects with gout, the average frequency of gout attacks in those who drank cherry juice decreased from five every quarter to one every quarter after having cherry juice as part of their diets for four months.

In other studies conducted by Schlesinger, it was revealed that cherry juice inhibit the secretion activity of inflammatory agents by up to 60%. Aside from being tasty and delicious, cherry juice can and does alleviate gout issues as proven by numerous tests conducted by Schlesinger.

So drink up your cherry juice and say goodbye to gout pain forever!

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