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Grape Juice For Migraines

This article uncovers the question: does grape juice actually help with migraines? We also discuss what alternative foods there are that can also alleviate migraine pain.

Both wine and grape juice come from the same plant and yet the former can give you migraines while the latter can actually relieve the pain that accompanies them and can even help you to avoid them. It’s almost ironic don’t you think?

And because vitamins C, B12, and B2 can be found in grapes, they can also be sourced from grape juice. There are other reasons why you should drink fresh grape juice with as much regularity as you can.

Why Grape Juice Can Help With Migraines

Alcohol is generally regarded as one cause of migraines alongside sleep deprivation, dietary deficiencies, chemical imbalances, and even changes in the weather.
Those who are familiar with the efficacy of grape juice for migraines (these are people who advocate homeopathy, the practice of alternative medicine or prefer not to take any pharmaceutical-grade medications) drink it without mixing additional water.
Drinking grape juice in its raw or pure form – without the addition of water — is the most effective way to treat migraines. You can only have that kind of concentrated grape juice if you extract the liquid from the fruit using a juicer. A good quality juicer ensures that you get all the necessary nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients contained in the grapes intact.

Juicing your own grape juice assures you that what you drink to treat your migraine has no preservatives, artificial colors and flavorings, additives, and other toxic chemicals.

As one of the richest, if not the richest, sources of antioxidants, drinking fresh grape juice straight from your juicer also provides you with its other benefits such as its anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties that shield the body against infections and diseases.

Alternative Types of Foods that Help Alleviate Migraines

Because both your diet and your lifestyle can reduce, increase or eliminate your risk of developing migraines, grape juice is highly recommended for inclusion in your daily meals to help you handle and manage your migraines.

If, however, you prefer another type of food altogether to help alleviate your migraine condition, here are some which can also provide you with relief from migraines:



The effect of caffeine as a trigger or reliever of migraine varies from one person to another. The caffeine in either coffee or tea has been shown to be highly effective in shrinking the brain’s blood vessels so much so that it has become a common ingredient in OTC (over-the-counter) medications, including aspirin and acetaminophen.

Drink one to two cups when you experience a migraine because in small doses it can reduce pain.



Anti-inflammatory diets can prevent migraines even before they escalate and require alleviation because of their fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids content. Although there are several ways to cook flaxseeds, the most common and popular is to bake them into banana bread, carrot cake, and whole wheat muffins.

You can sprinkle them like sesame seeds on Asian dishes or use them as toppings on frozen desserts.



Riboflavin, also known as vitamin B2, has been known to help battle migraine and spinach is one vegetable that is packed to the rafters with this vitamin. Have spinach in your pasta’s pesto, as a dip for roasted vegetables or even in your breakfast smoothie together with other fruits.

If you are still unconvinced about the power of spinach against migraines, think of Popeye the Sailorman. He never had migraines, did he now?


Fatty Fish

Okay, fish is neither fruit nor vegetable but we thought of including it here because a lot of people have sworn about how fatty fish such as herring, sardines, and trout can reduce the production of the body’s prostaglandins, hormone-like chemicals which can cause migraines by inducing inflammation and pain.

A four- to six-ounce serving of fatty fish twice or thrice weekly will serve the purpose.

For many people that suffer from migraines, they know how painful it can be, so if you are one of those people, then why not try making grape juice and drinking it, as it will alleviate the chance of getting a migraine in the first place.

Otherwise you can always try some of the foods outlined above. They should work too.


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