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Does Juicing For Acne Actually Work?

So does juicing for acne actually work?

Well, having spoken to many people, they swear on the fact that juicing has helped them get rid of acne.

Now I don’t want to tell you that by simply juicing a glass of juice and applying it on your face is going to somehow make you wake up the next morning acne free, however more and more people have found to have a level of success with reducing acne scarring by using fresh juice.

How? Read on below to find out.

Everyone gets pimples. Most people go through a phase of severe acne at least once in their lives, especially during their teens when your hormones are going out of whack and your skin’s oil production is at its peak.

But there are also some people that acne just won’t leave alone. Sure, everyone gets a pimple or two here and there, but for some people,the issue is more severe and very unpleasant.

So what type of juice should you use on your skin?

Lemon Juice for Acne

You’re probably thinking, “Wow, this girl’s desperate enough to try putting lemon juice on her face.” You’re right, I definitely was.

​I’d tried everything there was that you can buy over-the-counter to treat my seemingly incurable acne and I even went to the dermatologist, but nothing and no one could help my poor skin. Until one day a friend of mine mentioned to me the success she was having using fresh lemon juice.

​Apparently, lemon juice helps with acne. If you actually listened to your science teacher, you’d know that lemon juice contains vitamin C - more specifically, L-ascorbic acid - which has multiple benefits to the skin.

​It helps treat acne and even fade post-acne marks. Yes, it’s that amazing. It's a gift from heaven, if you ask me.

But is Lemon Juice Good For Acne​

Like I said, lemon juice cured my acne. So, yes, it is good for acne and is definitely worth trying out. You don’t have to splurge on a doctor or antibiotics or any serum supposedly blessed by Anti-Acne Gods, you just have to get an efficient juicer (optional) and some lemons!

It’s a low- to no-cost DIY treatment that you can do anytime, anywhere, and everyday to get rid of the pesky zits invading every space on your face.​

So how do you do it? My method is right below.

​How to use Lemon Juice for Acne


Grab a juicer and a lemon. If you don’t have a juicer, you can just squeeze out the lemon juice manually, but you could be wasting precious juice. Also, with a juicer, you can squeeze the juice out of the peel as well. Peels actually have 20 times more of the vitamin C you can get from the pulp. But either way is fine.


Make sure that your face is clean. Wash your face with water and your usual face wash, preferably a mild one. Rinse.


Allow your skin to dry for five minutes, then dip a Q-tip into the freshly made lemon juice. Dab the juice-dipped Q-tip on any zits and on acne scars.


If your skin is sensitive, leave it on for at least 30 minutes then rinse with water. If you can handle it, leave it on overnight.

IMPORTANT: Don’t go out in the sun if you’ve just done this method because it will make your skin more sensitive to it, and will lead to even darker scars and worse skin problems. It’s also important to use sunscreen daily to protect your skin from the damaging UV rays.

Lime Juice for Acne

Just like lemon juice, lime juice also contains high amounts of vitamin C that is beneficial to the skin and will help you achieve clear skin. It has antioxidants and antibacterial agents. You can use lime juice two ways: either use it topically, or take it orally.

​After cleansing your face as instructed above, take a freshly squeezed lime juice and soak a cotton swab or Q-tip into it. Dab the Q-tip onto any existing pimple (but not on open lesions!) and post-acne scars. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes, then rinse off with cold water.

For maximum results, why don’t you drink it as well? Make some lime juice with a good juicer or do it manually and drink it everyday, first thing in the morning, to detoxify your skin. You can also squeeze the lime juice onto a glass of lukewarm water. The vitamin C will help your skin from the inside with its powerful antioxidants.​

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Carrot Juice for Acne

Carrot juice is another effective at-home treatment for acne. Carrots are a good source of vitamin A, which is the number one ingredient in known anti-acne drugs such as retinol and isotretinoin. It’s also natural, so you don’t have to experience horrible side effects from it. It’s also a lot cheaper!

​You can use carrots to get rid of acne in three ways. First, you can eat them raw. Raw vegetables maintain the most nutrients. You can also drink carrots by putting them through a juicer, mixed with fruits or other vegetables, or on its own. Do this everyday and you will get its maximum benefit.

You can also use carrots to make your own acne-fighting face mask. Make a puree out of the carrots, add a few drops of olive oil or coconut oil (if you don’t want it to be too oily, use a lighter oil such as sunflower seed oil), and then apply it all over your face. Leave it on for at least an hour and rinse it off with cold water.​

Tomato Juice for Acne

Tomato is proven to balance the skin’s pH levels and contains antioxidants that protect our skin from bacteria that can lead to acne. It also repairs skin damage from the inside, so it’s a good idea to take them orally. It also helps shrink pores.

Here are 3 ways of using tomato juice to get rid of acne:​

  • tomato & lemon juice
  • Tomato mask
  • Tomato kale & celery


1) Toss a tomato or two into a blender and puree it.

2) Apply the product to your skin. Leave on for at least 15 minutes.

3) Rinse your face with cold water and your favorite gentle cleanser.

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