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Delicious Plum Juice Recipes

There are many health benefits and nutritive value that you can obtain from plum juice for its high concentration of vitamins C, K, and A as well as its dietary fiber content. Although you can always eat plums in their solid form, juicing turns them into liquid which your body can absorb more quickly. Learn how to make plum juice in this article easily and conveniently.

When you juice plums, you skip the process to digest them and go on to absorb their nutrients much faster into the bloodstream. Not only do you get the previously mentioned vitamins, you also get vitamins B1 (thiamin), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), and B6 (pyridoxine), and several minerals such as potassium, calcium, and boron. Moreover, you get potent compounds like chlorogenic and neochlorogenic acids in plum juice.

Both acids can help protect your body against the damage of free radicals that cause certain types of cancer including gastrointestinal, lung, and colon. These acids in plum juice, alongside the vitamins and minerals mentioned, keep the cells healthy by strengthening your immune system to keep free radicals at bay before they can inflict injury to your body’s cellular structures.

Neochlorogenic and chlorogenic acids in plum juice are especially noteworthy of mention because they can eliminate the most intense types of breast cancer without injury to the other healthy or regular cells. Unlike chemotherapy drugs which can destroy most of the other healthy cells that may surround the cancerous ones, these acids have a “differential effect” that safeguards the condition of otherwise normal cells in the body.

Plum juice also has the phenolic compounds procyanidin and quercetin that helps in the reduction of inflammation and help the neutralization of oxydative damage to your cells.
There are more than 200 varieties of plums available on the market today. In some studies, however, the variety of red plums has been found to have a higher phenolic content than their green and yellow counterparts.

How To Make Plum Juice

There are as many recipes for juicing plums as there are many juicers to extract their juices with. The simpler the juicer, however, the more you can enjoy juicing plums.

Incidentally, some juicers will extract your plums to the hilt, meaning even their pulp will be extracted for whatever liquid it contains. If you want to have leftover pulp to make into plum jelly, ensure that you get a juicer that leaves it after liquid extraction.

In order to make plum juice from home follow the following 5 simple steps:

STEP #1  Prepare the plums for juicing

Regardless of the variety of the plum, its size, and color, a plum that is ripe enough for juicing should be able to give slightly when you press it with your thumb.

This is important because you don’t want to juice over- or under-ripe plums. Under-ripe plums are hard but ripen in several days if you place them on your kitchen counter top table or in a brown paper bag.

STEP #2  Choose firm plums

Choose firm plums that you find firm for eating raw because these are just perfect for your juicing purpose. Of course organically-grown plums are your best choice but if you are unable to get them, select fresh plums over those which have been frozen.

STEP #3 Wash them thoroughly

Prepare your plums by washing them thoroughly and remove parts which may be stiff or coarse for your juicer.

STEP #4 Remove the pits

Remove the pits from your plums because these can stall your juicer when left on. Note that doing this is much easier with plums that are less ripe.

STEP #5 Cut plums in half and juice away!

Cut plums down in half and put all the flesh of your plums into your juicer and juice them according to the instruction manual. If your juicer leaves pulp, as mentioned earlier, you can use the pulp to make jellies, jams or preserves.

Recommended Juicers

Breville BJE200XL

Centrifugal Juicer

An affordable juicer that produces high quality juice and is easy to use. A little noisy though.

Omega Vrt350 HD

Masticating Juicer

The best juicer on the market for juicing quality in our opinion. Powerful, quiet and very easy to use.

Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro

Centrifugal Juicer

A great juicer if you are on a budget and want your juice extracted in less than a minute!

Most juicer brands come with complete information on the different kinds of produce that they juice best. Unless your juicer is a brand built for heavy duty juicing, it is best to peel your plums before putting them in the machine. Although nutritionists and dieticians will tell you that juicing any fruit with its skin on is healthier, the kind of juicer will determine whether or not you can juice plums with their skins on.

The Omega Vrt350, the BrevilleBJE200XL and the Omega J8006 will easily juice the plums without having to remove the skin.

Tips and Tricks to Juicing Plums

To maximize your juicer’s performance, you should get the best plums available. Try and get organic plums from home orchards because they would be least likely to have been sprayed with pesticides or fertilizers. Plums continuously ripen even after their harvest. Speed up ripening by placing them in brown paper bags and store them in your refrigerator as soon as they are ripe.

Avoid plums with skins that look discolored or “leak” when you press them slightly with your thumb; this means they are too soft inside, too (read that as over-ripe plums that won’t taste any good after they have been juiced). Although the ripeness of plums is not determined by their color – since their varieties have many different colors – you must remember that ripeness can be determined by how hard or how soft they are.

3 Plum Juice Recipes

See below three of our favourite plum juice recipes. Just follow the simple instructions and enjoy!

  • The Bloody Plum
  • Apple and Plum
  • Plum and Beets


1 x Apple (Granny Smith)

4 x Large Plums

1/2 Squeeze of Lime


1) Start by juicing the plums

2) Then juice the apple

3) Squeeze the lime on.

5) Pour over ice and enjoy!

Handy Tip: You can actually juice the lime with the pith, as long as you remove the green peel. The white pith has lots of nutrients so no need to remove it, however this may give the juice a slightly more bitter taste.

If you would like to see more plum juice or other low calorie juice recipes, why not click on the link below and download our free healthy juice recipe e-book. Some of the recipes are truly fantastic!


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