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Sweet Potato Juice 

Juicing Sweet Potato

You are probably familiar with sweet potatoes as an ingredient in pies and casseroles, as fries, soups, and salads but did you know you can actually make sweet potato juice? Find out in this article just how versatile sweet potatoes can be as you read all about several health benefits and nutritive value tied to drinking sweet potato juice.

You would expect the juice from sweet potato to be exactly as its name says: sweet. But the juice is actually more savory than sweet. Declared as North Carolina’s state vegetable in 1995, sweet potato helps boost the immune system, is good for the skin, and reduces the risk of certain types of cancer.

Sweet Potato Juice - Scientific Mumbo Jumbo

Can You Juice a Sweet Potato?

No fruit or vegetable is able to stand up against an excellent juicer. Yes, you can juice a sweet potato easily and conveniently. Buy medium-sized sweet potatoes because the larger ones tend to be tough. Ensure that you get sweet potatoes that are firm all over; don’t buy them if they are already sprouting.

Contrary to what most people think, there is no need to cook sweet potatoes before you juice them. By cooking them, in fact, the beneficial enzymes and essential nutrients stored in raw sweet potatoes are lost. Simply put a couple of raw sweet potatoes in your juicer like you would other vegetables or fruits.

You should have a thick milky texture after juicing sweet potatoes. You can drink your sweet potato juice as is or juice other vegetables and add these to your juice. You can also add it to fruit juice to make a creamy smoothie. You can either add ice to your sweet potato juice or chill it before drinking.

Sweet Potato Juice Benefits

Low in calories yet an excellent source of plant protein, sweet potato is unlike other root vegetables in that it has low sugar content and is, in fact, a good regulator of blood sugar. If you are considering to juice sweet potatoes, this list of benefits here may just get your vote:

8 Sweet Potato Juice Benefits!

  1. Diabetes: ​as mentioned, sweet potato can regulate blood sugar, which is a good thing for diabetics. Additionally, sweet potato can help stabilize and lower resistance to insulin.
  2. Antioxidant: its antioxidant properties make sweet potato a natural protect or against inflammatory conditions such as asthma, rheumatism, gout, arthritis, and osteoporosis, among others.
  3. Heart diseases: sweet potato has high potassium content that can help prevent strokes and heart attacks. This potassium maintains electrolyte and fluidbalance in the cells and in the blood pressure.
  4. Digestive tract: the dietary fiber in sweet potato helps promote health in the digestive tract by relieving constipation, regulate bowel movement, and prevent the development of colon cancer.
  5. Muscle cramps: the potassium content of sweet potato prevents muscular cramps and reduces susceptibility to muscle injury. Additionally, this same potassium helps boost energy.
  6. Emphysema: sweet potato’s vitamin A content helps protect smokers as well as those who are subjected to second-hand smoke and are considered to be passive smokers from acquiring emphysema and other lung-related conditions.
  7. Fetal development: the high folate in sweet potato can help in the healthy development of fetal tissues and cells. Sweet potato is highly recommended aspart of the diets of pregnant women.
  8. Stress: reduced potassium levels as a result of stress may be replenished by sweet potato. The potassium in this tuber is able to normalize the heartbeat and send oxygen back to the brain to regulate water balance in the body.

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